Gedicht van de maand: Juni 2015

Alkmaar in Space, Jeremy Keighley

Zero !

With a wrenching, tearing boom
Alkmaar takes off.
Train tracks dangle over the edge
cut off forever,
from Heiloo and Heerhugowaard,
blasted off into space.

Above us is a huge Perspex dome
to keep the air in
and frustrate the bouncing seagulls.

Alkmaar orbits
a little faster than the old moon.
There is a beautiful view of the stars
and the earth,
day trips to the asteroids
and moon rocks on sale at Kaasmarkt.

There is a weekly rocket to AZ.
The stadium now cut off
beside an Alkmaar-sized hole
at the top of the A9.

After 400 years
Alkmaar is finally

(Jeremy Keighley deed ook mee aan Alkmaar Anders 2007 en vervolgens aan alle po√ęzieactiviteiten in Atelier9en40)

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